CLEAN Campus Program Released - Clean Coalition

CLEAN Campus Program Released

The CLEAN Campus approach results in lower transaction costs and burdens for all parties, which translates into lower electric rates.

Craig Lewis

The Clean Coalition is excited to introduce the CLEAN Campus Program, aimed specifically at streamlining renewable energy procurement procedures for communities which do not have control over wholesale electricity purchases or their local electricity grids.  CLEAN Campus Programs are based on CLEAN Programs, which have proven to be the most effective type of renewable energy procurement policy in the world.

CLEAN Campus Programs can be employed by cities, counties, school districts, and other organizations which control their properties and purchase energy from an investor owned utility (IOU).  Companies interested in increasing on-site use of renewable energy and reaping the associated benefits can also adopt CLEAN Campus Programs.  Key features of CLEAN Campus Programs include pre-identified project sites, streamlined transactions, and on-site electricity consumption.  In contrast to the request for proposal approach to clean energy transactions, the CLEAN Campus approach results in far lower transaction costs and burdens for all parties, which translates into lower electric rates.

Please visit here to download a free copy of the Local CLEAN Program Guide, and to find out more information about CLEAN Programs and CLEAN Campus Programs.  For additional information, please contact

Craig Lewis

Founder and Executive Director

Craig has over 30 years of experience in the renewables, wireless, semiconductor, and banking industries. Previously VP of Government Relations at GreenVolts, he was the first to successfully navigate a solar project through California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard solicitation process. Craig was also the energy policy lead on Steve Westly’s 2006 California gubernatorial campaign, and his resume includes senior government relations, corporate development, and marketing positions at leading wireless, semiconductor, and banking companies such as Qualcomm, Ericsson, and Barclays Bank.