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Tri-State Generation & Transmission (TSGT) Generation Portfolio Summary

There is significant untapped potential for renewable energy in New Mexico and throughout the rest of the Southwestern United States, including from ready-to-deploy wind and solar projects that offer tremendous value in the form of economic, environmental, and resilience benefits. The Clean Coalition produced the TSGT Generation Portfolio Summary in order to better understand the current situation at a major utility that is well positioned to facilitate substantial deployments of additional renewables across the Southwest.

Local renewables success stories

In 2018, the Clean Coalition conducted research on municipalities around the world that have achieved high penetrations of renewables. Our research showed that our vision of 25% local renewables is possible — and is already happening in a number of regions in the U.S. and around the world.

Studies on clean local energy

The Clean Coalition has collected a number of internal and third-party studies on various aspects of distributed generation. Topics include enhancing the investor appeal of renewable energy, community power, Feed-In Tariffs, economic benefits of clean local energy, and more.

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The latest in clean local energy

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