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June 2017

Topics include:

  • L.A. Daily News op-ed: Let solar-roof savings shine on all ratepayers
  • Palo Alto brings its first Feed-In Tariff solar project online
  • ReMAT, California’s only wholesale distributed generation renewables program, is under attack
  • Alternative to costly investments in natural gas power plants
  • Solar Siting Survey identifies substantial solar potential on built environments in California’s southern San Mateo County
  • A pathway to zero net energy: Atherton, California
  • Expanding electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Palo Alto
  • Distribution Resources Planning webinar

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March 2017

Topics include:

  • A note from Craig Lewis, Founder and Executive Director
  • Transmission Access Charges (TAC) Campaign – Senate Bill 692 introduced
  • PAEC Solar Siting Survey: Identifying vast potential for clean energy in southern San Mateo County
  • Clean Coalition receives CEC grant for solar+storage in San Francisco
  • Clean Coalition helps California CCAs move the needle on distributed energy resources
  • Unleashing clean local energy through smart policy

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December 2016

Topics include:

  • A note from Craig Lewis, Founder and Executive Director
  • Clean Coalition policy team success in 2016
  • Peninsula Advanced Energy Community launches, will provide framework for the future of clean energy
  • CAISO avoiding fix to massive market distortion that harms local renewables and California ratepayers

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September 2016

Topics include:

  • A note from Craig Lewis, Founder and Executive Director
  • Local renewables are being robbed
  • Georgia Power CLEAN programs deploy over 500 MW of local solar
  • How California Created a New System for Determining the Costs of Grid Connection
  • Clean Coalition joins working group focused on New York interconnection reform
  • Long Island Community Microgrid Project feasibility study published
  • Unit Cost Guide released, improving cost certainty and interconnection for distributed generation
  • Clean Coalition welcomes new members to the team

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June 2016

Topics include:

  • A note from Craig Lewis, Founder and Executive Director
  • California local renewables are getting robbed, but CAISO can help
  • Reducing risk for solar developers under Rule 21
  • Expanding access to solar with California’s Green Tariff Shared Renewables decision
  • NEM credits paired with energy storage: a solution
  • Peninsula Advanced Energy Community to kick off with strong support

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March 2016

Topics include:

  • A note from Craig Lewis, Founder and Executive Director
  • California Energy Commission selects the Peninsula Advanced Energy Community for grant award
  • Palo Alto to solarize city-owned parking structures and enhance EV deployment
  • Webinar: Leading at the local level
  • The Long Island Community Microgrid Project completes Stage 1 of the NY Prize
  • Improving interconnection cost certainty under Rule 21
  • Podcast: Community Microgrids

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December 2015

Topics include:

  • Residents rally behind the Hunters Point Community Microgrid Project
  • Campaign to fix Transmission Access Charges (TAC) gains support
  • New report: Tax implications of distributed generation policies

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September 2015

Topics include:

  • Viable solar sites assessed for the Long Island Community Microgrid Project
  • The debate over NEM 2.0 continues in California
  • Improving cost certainty for distributed generation
  • Local renewables being hit with a hidden transmission fee
  • Clean Coalition awarded contract for D.C. microgrid
  • Webinar: Community Microgrid methodology
  • Op-ed: On Long Island, a smarter, more resilient power system

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June 2015

Topics include:

  • Long Island Community Microgrid Project kicks off, receives NY Prize funding
  • Siting solar in distribution grids
  • Palo Alto continues effort to spur local renewable generation
  • FERC adopts our recommendations for improved interconnection transparency
  • Creating a sustainable, robust solar market in Alameda

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March 2015

Topics include:

  • Strengthening the grid with Community Microgrids
  • New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision moves ahead
  • Evolving net energy metering in California
  • Indiana utility gets approval to expand its feed-in tariff
  • Fifth and final tranche of CLEAN L.A. Solar opens

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December 2014

Topics include:

  • California plans for distributed resources
  • Upcoming webinar: The future of solar-storage systems
  • Indiana utility proposes expansion of its voluntary feed-in tariff
  • Clean Coalition brings policy leadership to Dynamic Grid Council
  • A big lesson from a small town
  • Community Microgrid future coming to New York
  • Net Zero Energy for Palo Alto
  • Realizing the benefits of advanced inverters

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September 2014

Topics include:

  • Planning the grid to optimize distributed energy resources
  • Settlement agreement to expand the use of demand response in California
  • Tucson Electric Power launches pilot program to own rooftop solar
  • More local renewable energy coming to California
  • A Community Microgrid for Long Island
  • Distribution Resource Plans move forward in California
  • Bringing cost-certainty to the interconnection process

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June 2014

Topics include:

  • U.S. Virgin Islands adopts feed-in tariff to increase renewable energy generation
  • Palo Alto CLEAN attracts local solar on City-owned properties through an innovative market approach
  • Planning the grid for distributed energy resources
  • The power of local energy

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March 2014

Topics include:

  • Clean Coalition sees interconnection wins in Rule 21 Proposed Decision
  • Palo Alto wants solar on its City-owned properties
  • Leading California on renewables integration
  • CLEAN Program Update: Strong demand for more local solar in L.A. and Fort Collins
  • California takes the next step toward implementing advanced inverter standards
  • Announcing the Interconnection Action Campaign
  • Developing strong Green Tariff Shared Renewables Programs for California
  • Hunters Point Project recognized at Solar Power Generation USA

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December 2013

Topics include:

  • New FERC rule incorporates Clean Coalition recommendations to streamline interconnection nationwide
  • New York utility leading the transition towards a distributed energy future
  • SB 1332 CLEAN Program met with considerable demand
  • New California law sets grid planning precedent
  • A model for clean community power
  • Guiding California towards a modern, dynamic grid
  • Stanford Professor Mark Z. Jacobson joins Board of Advisors
  • Clean Coalition partners with Power Over Energy

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September 2013

Topics include:

  • Utilities leverage CLEAN Programs as part of a plan to bring nearly one gigawatt of new solar capacity online
  • New resource to open the wholesale distributed generation market segment
  • California Legislature passes distributed generation bills
  • New PG&E policy will significantly reduce interconnection costs
  • Flattening the Duck (Chart) into a Halibut
  • DG+IG project to transform a San Francisco neighborhood
  • Advanced inverters: providing voltage regulation where it is needed most

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June 2013

Topics include:

  • CLEAN LA Solar brings power online, primed for expansion
  • New California ISO policy will spur greater distributed generation
  • Renewable Portfolio Standards under attack
  • Policy update: SB 699 moves forward and SB 32 finally poised to launch
  • Clean Coalition briefs Sacramento staff on DG Policy
  • DG+IG Update: Renewables integration and policy solutions
  • Two clean energy leaders add expertise to the Clean Coalition Board of Advisors
  • Clean Coalition partners with CalSol

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March 2013

Topics include:

  • 2012 IEPR Update embraces a distributed energy future
  • Clean Coalition guides FERC to improve interconnection
  • Legislative update: numerous states consider CLEAN Programs
  • CPUC mandates procurement of preferred resources
  • A bright future for the CLEAN LA Solar Program
  • Featured topic: Energy system resilience

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January 2013 (action alert)

Topics include:

  • Recap of 2012 Achievements
  • Continued Growth of DG+IG Initiative
  • New and improved website launch

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December 2012

Topics include:

  • Driving toward solar market efficiency
  • CLEAN Programs continue to gain traction
  • Laying the foundation for a resilient electric grid
  • Prop 39 can support clean energy across California
  • A solution to the San Onofre nuclear situation
  • SCE study highlights locational value of clean local energy

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October 2012 (action alert)

Topics include:

  • Successful passage of SB 1332 and SB 1122
  • Recent op-ed placements

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August 2012

Topics include:

  • Updated Local CLEAN Program Guide now available
  • Long Island adopts new CLEAN Program; CLEAN LA set to expand
  • Clean Energy Now Campaign for California
  • DG+IG Initiative: proving viability of high penetrations of clean local energy
  • Former Founding Director of the SunShot Initiative and former CEO of EPRI join Board
    of Advisors
  • Developing a Business Practice Manual to improve grid interconnection
  • Accelerating energy storage in California
  • Legislative Update: California CLEAN bills advance in lawmaking process

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June 2012

Topics include:

  • CPUC stumbles in Final Decision for SB 32 CLEAN Program
  • Legislative Update: Two important California CLEAN bills closer to law
  • Clean Coalition proposal gains support in IEPR Update
  • Clean Coalition scores victory on SCE ‘termination clause’
  • Vermont expands statewide CLEAN Program and recognizes locational benefits of distributed generation
  • Featured Event: Biogas USA West 2012 Conference
  • An opportunity for clean local energy in Arizona

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April 2012

Topics include:

  • Featured Event: Webinar hosted by SEPA will highlight Clean Program benefits to utilities
  • Opening comments filed for CPUC’s Proposed Decision on SB 32
  • California utilities agree to move beyond 15% penetration limit for DG
  • CLEAN LA Solar Program wins critical approval
  • Vermont House votes to expand statewide CLEAN Program

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March 2012 (action alert)

Topics include:

  • Vermont on track to expand statewide CLEAN Program
  • Free Featured Event at NASA
  • Support for 2012 California Legislative Agenda

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February 2012

Topics include:

  • Local action: Palo Alto CLEAN Program update
  • SB 32 update: IOUs Submit Joint PPA Proposal
  • California Interconnection Reform: Settlement process ends but reform process set to
  • Legislative update: Bills addressing D-Grid and SB 32 improvements under consideration
  • CARB Vote: Cars to be powered by clean local energy
  • Clean Coalition’s IEPR efforts prove fruitful
  • Policy spotlight: Volumetric Price Adjustment

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January 2012

Topics include:

  • Interconnection Reform: Clean Coalition working diligently for interconnection reform; DSIS and long-term vision
  • SB 32 CLEAN Program update: Split into two decisions
  • CREST update: 70 MW of clean local energy coming soon
  • Local Action: Palo Alto gets ready to adopt CLEAN Program
  • Policy Spotlight: Locational Benefits for Wholesale Distributed Generation (WDG)

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