Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference 2013 - Clean Coalition
Group of diverse adults in a conference room smiling at the camera, some wearing name tags.

Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference 2013

The Clean Coalition's Ted Ko presented at this event, which took place on October 17, 2013 in Oakland, CA.

Ted Ko, Associate Executive Director of the Clean Coalition, presented at the Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference that took place on October 17 in Oakland, CA.

The Fourth annualClean Power, Healthy Communities Conference, hosted by the Local Clean Energy Alliance, convened advocates, stakeholders, public decision makers, community organizers, and business people who support clean energy and healthy communities in the Bay Area.

This year’s conference focused on finding solutions to the political and financial challenges of developing community-based energy resources and building sustainable, equitable, resilient communities. It also featured a keynote address by Tom Steyer, California policy mover and shaker, referred to by Bloomberg Businessweek as a “Climate-Change Batman.”