Community Energy Resilience Policy Summit - 5 Aug 2020 - Clean Coalition

Community Energy Resilience Policy Summit – 5 Aug 2020

The Clean Coalition was a partner organization for this event, which took place 5 August 2020.

The Clean Coalition was a partner organization for The Climate Center’s Community Energy Resilience Policy Summit, which took place virtually on Wednesday, 5 August 2020 at 9am – noon Pacific Time.


The basic architecture of California’s electricity system hasn’t changed over the past hundred years, notwithstanding substantial technological advancements. Power no longer flows one way, from distant large power plants to cities and homes. It is now possible for power to flow back and forth locally within a distribution system. With the implementation of the state’s renewable energy goals, the growth of smart appliances and electric vehicles, and dramatically declining prices for clean energy, a cleaner, decentralized grid is now possible — which would entail substantial changes in how our electricity system is managed. This will require utility regulatory reform and new funding to empower local governments to be in charge of siting decisions about new energy infrastructure.

The elements of the needed policy reforms to achieve to this transformation are starting to become clear. This year in the California legislature, numerous bills have been introduced that can help achieve these policy priorities.

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis has slowed California’s clean energy policy progress, although there is still an opportunity to enact needed reform through both legislative and regulatory action. The Policy Summit highlighted the latest legislative and regulatory developments related to transitioning to a new California energy infrastructure that is clean, affordable, resilient, equitable, and safe.

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