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Let’s Get a CLEAN Program in Nevada!

The Clean Coalition is looking for support in passing SB184 and showing Governor Sandoval that everyone wants the tremendous economic development growth that clean local energy can bring.

Nevada is on the verge of creating a statewide CLEAN Program with Senate Bill 184.  In Nevada, it’s called a FIT Pilot Program, but enactment of this bill would be a great win for all of us who know that feed-in tariffs are the best way to transition to a clean energy economy with wholesale distributed generation.

The Clean Coalition has created a sign-on letter to be delivered to every member of the Nevada State Assembly.  We want the strongest bi-partisan support in passing SB184 and showing Governor Sandoval that everyone wants the tremendous economic development growth that clean local energy can bring.  The full text of the sign-on letter is below.

To make this happen, we need companies, business associations and prominent individuals who will be recognized in Nevada to sign on to this letter.  In-state and out-of-state signers are both fine as long as the name and organization represents potential investment and jobs in the Nevada economy. Please send your name to be added to this letter by Wednesday, May 11!

To sign on to the letter, either complete this form (you will be sent a confirmation email acknowledging your name as an addition to the letter) OR send the following information to ted@clean-coalition.org:  Name, Title, Organization, City, State

Please send a link to this page to anyone else you know who you think should sign on to this letter.  Thanks!


Text of Sign-On Letter to the Nevada State Assembly:

May 11, 2011

Regarding: SB184 Pilot FIT Program

Dear Nevada State Legislature,

The [number] undersigned parties – consisting of companies, organizations and individuals that support the robust economic development of Nevada – strongly support the passage of Senate Bill 184, which creates a pilot program for investment in local clean energy generation.  This program represents the start of a solid new foundation for Nevada’s economic growth in the clean energy industry.

Compared to Nevada’s tremendous potential, the market for clean energy has created a small fraction of the jobs and business opportunities that could be realized.  Nevada should take advantage of all types and sizes of clean energy generation, but state policy and incentive programs have ignored the market with the greatest potential: the medium-sized local energy market where clean energy is sold directly to the grid.

Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Programs, as designed in SB184, are proven to unleash this market, attracting private investment and creating jobs while providing communities with new income opportunities.  With a FIT, warehouses, schools, farmers, and any property owner that cannot participate in net metering, can earn money from their property’s clean energy resources.

Furthermore, a pilot FIT Program will be enough to send a signal across the country that Nevada is the place to do business in clean energy.  SB184 has already attracted the attention of leading clean technology companies and investors.  With its business friendly environment, Nevada is poised to capitalize on the attention that passage of SB184 will bring.

Developing the local clean energy market in Nevada with a FIT is estimated to attract hundreds of millions in private investment and create thousands of new jobs.  With an explicit limit on ratepayer impact written in to SB184, Nevada can make a clear choice to invest pennies per month for critically important economic development and a clean energy future.

We urge you to make that choice with a supporting vote for SB184.


Bob Tregilus            Ted Ko
FIT4NV                   Clean Coalition
www.FIT4NV.org      www.clean-coalition.org

[# cosigning parties]

Name – Title – Organization – City, State