Microgrids Convergence Conference - Clean Coalition

Microgrids Convergence Conference

Executive Director Craig Lewis participated in a panel discussion at this event, which took place on October 25-26, 2016 in San Mateo, CA. 

Craig Lewis, Executive Director for the Clean Coalition, took part in a panel discussion on microgrid ownership models at the Microgrids Convergence Conference, which took place on October 25-26, 2016 in San Mateo, CA. The Clean Coalition was also a partner organization for this event.

Day one of the conference consisted of two tracks:

  1. Practical Microgrids: A customer-focused track designed to provide potential microgrid users with the knowledge and skills they need to evaluate their needs and access partners, services, and technologies in the market. This track assumed that all participants have a basic understanding of what microgrids are and how they work.
  2. Microgrid Markets: An advanced track with deep dives into nationwide and California microgrid policy developments, and opportunities in behind-the-meter microgrid market segments including federal, DoD, city, community, campus, and remote.

Day two of the conference was the convergence:

Smart Cities and Microgrids: The two tracks converged to explore the interaction and synergies between smart city technologies and microgrids, which focused in on data analytics, energy resilient communities, electric and autonomous vehicles, the role of blockchain technologies, and a future forecast for the convergence of microgrids and smart cities.