Press release: Montecito Community Microgrid Initiative will provide energy resilience to the region - Clean Coalition

Press release: Montecito Community Microgrid Initiative will provide energy resilience to the region

The World Business Academy and the Clean Coalition are collaborating with local leaders to build a modern energy system.

Rosana Francescato

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April 24, 2018

NEWS RELEASE: Montecito Community Microgrid Initiative will provide energy resilience to the region

World Business Academy and Clean Coalition collaborating with local leaders to build a modern energy system that provides renewables-driven resilience and emergency preparedness for Montecito

Santa Barbara, CA — The World Business Academy and the Clean Coalition are pleased to announce the launch of the Montecito Community Microgrid Initiative, which will bring renewables-driven energy resilience to critical facilities in Montecito, beginning with the Fire Protection District and the Water District in the Upper Village of Montecito.

Montecito Upper Village critical facilities with solar potential

A Community Microgrid is a new approach for designing and operating the electric grid, based on local renewables and other distributed energy resources like energy storage and demand response. Although linked to the main electric grid, during a power outage a Community Microgrid can isolate from the broader grid and provide indefinite renewables-driven backup power to critical facilities. This scalable and replicable approach saves money, provides local economic stimulation, and provisions secure and stable clean local energy, even during disasters of any duration. Community Microgrids deliver an unparalleled trifecta of economic, environmental, and resilience benefits across communities.

The Montecito Community Microgrid Initiative aims to build multiple Community Microgrids in the area, including along San Ysidro Road in the Upper Village and along Coast Village Road in the Lower Village. These Community Microgrids will ensure the continuous operation of critical and priority facilities in the event of future disasters — as well as providing ongoing energy resilience to a region served by just one high-voltage transmission line. Clean local energy production from the Community Microgrids will also advance the Santa Barbara community’s climate goals.

Montecito Coast Village facilities with solar potential

The Montecito Community Microgrid Initiative is an extension of the World Business Academy’s Santa Barbara Renewable, Reliable, Resilient (SBR3) Initiative and is also an extension of the Clean Coalition’s Community Microgrid Initiative. Together, the two organizations are primed to combine deep community relationships with leading technical, policy, and project development expertise.

“Teaming with the Clean Coalition, with whom we’ve enjoyed a multi-year relationship, to focus on execution of the Montecito Community Microgrid Initiative, will free the Academy to continue working on microgrid installations throughout the Santa Barbara County area,” according to Rinaldo Brutoco, President of the World Business Academy. “The Clean Coalition has done a great job leading Community Microgrid efforts throughout the state and around the country and is uniquely suited to team with the Academy in Montecito. It is a great partnership that will benefit Montecito initially and other areas in Santa Barbara County in the future.”

“The Clean Coalition is honored to apply its expertise to help the Montecito community build back right with a modern energy system,” said Craig Lewis, Executive Director of the Clean Coalition. “As the Academy has been warning for many years, the area’s current electricity grid is extremely vulnerable to disruptions. Montecito Community Microgrids will bring energy security, resilience, and peace of mind to Montecito — along with tremendous environmental and economic benefits.”

Philanthropist and long-standing Academy supporter Sara Miller McCune has been convening meetings for Montecito residents and leaders to learn about the Montecito Community Microgrid Initiative and get involved. The Kind World Foundation, a leading supporter of the Santa Barbara first responder community, has made a $150,000 pledge to the Clean Coalition to match the next $150,000 in donations to the Clean Coalition for direct support of the Montecito Community Microgrid Initiative.

The Recovery Project, an action group started after the Thomas Fire and the debris flow, is a key collaborator. Berna Kieler, founder of the Recovery Project, said, “The Recovery Project was created to step in after the first responders, addressing necessary ongoing community needs to support the rebuilding of our village.We see the Montecito Community Microgrid Initiative as an essential element in creating a new Montecito, which is responsive to environmental reform and disaster preparedness.”

The Initiative will also provide a learning opportunity for local students and educators, who will have opportunities to be involved from the beginning in helping to create a living example of the energy system of the future.

The Clean Coalition is seeking a local Program Manager to work closely with Craig Lewis, the Clean Coalition’s Executive Director, who is now based in Santa Barbara, to lead the technical and project management elements of the Montecito Community Microgrid Initiative; interested parties should respond to the job description on the Clean Coalition website.


About the Clean Coalition

The Clean Coalition is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to accelerate the transition to renewable energy and a modern grid through technical, policy, and project development expertise. The Clean Coalition drives policy innovation to remove barriers to procurement and interconnection of distributed energy resources (DER) — such as local renewables, energy storage, advanced inverters, and demand response — and we establish market mechanisms that realize the full potential of integrating these solutions. In addition to being active in numerous proceedings before state and federal agencies throughout the United States, the Clean Coalition collaborates with utilities, community choice aggregation agencies, municipalities, and other jurisdictions to create near-term deployment opportunities that prove the technical and economic viability of local renewables and other DER.

About the World Business Academy

Since 1987, the World Business Academy has been a 501(c)(3) nonprofit think tank focused on the role business can and should play in solving humanity’s largest challenges. Over the past 5 years, the Academy has transitioned into an action incubator for environmental causes that directly impact our community. The Academy advocates for sustainable energy use by working to elevate the consciousness of people in the business community and encouraging them to use their influence to take responsibility for the environment. Our 30-year advocacy and litigation track record includes the closure of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, the rejection of the Ellwood and Puente natural gas peaker plants, and the ongoing litigation to close Diablo Canyon and ensure the protection of the CEQA.

Rosana Francescato
Communications Director

Rosana Francescato

Communications Director

Prior to joining the Clean Coalition, Rosana was Communications Director for Sunible, an online solar marketplace, and for MyDomino, an energy savings concierge service. In over 14 years at Adobe Systems, Rosana held senior technical editing and project management positions. She has written extensively on clean energy for publications like CleanTechnica, PV Solar Report, pv magazine, and Energy Central. While on the steering committee of the Local Clean Energy Alliance, Rosana helped evaluate shared renewables legislation in California. She has served on the boards of several clean energy nonprofits and volunteers installing solar with GRID Alternatives.