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NRRI: Non-Transmission Alternatives

The Clean Coalition's Sahm White presented at this event, which took place July 30, 2015.

Sahm White, Economics & Policy Analysis Director for the Clean Coalition, presented during theNational Regulatory Research Institute’s (NRRI) teleseminar, “Non-Transmission Alternatives,” which took place Thursday, July 30, 2015.

Non-Transmission Alternatives (NTAs) are electric utility system supply- and demand-side investments and operating practices that can defer or replace the need for specific transmission projects, at lower total resource cost, by reliably reducing transmission congestion at times of maximum demand in specific grid areas. NTAs can be identified through least-cost planning and action, one geographic area at a time, for managing electricity supply and demand using all means available and necessary, including demand response, distributed generation (DG), energy efficiency, electricity and thermal storage, load management, and rate design.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission targeted NTAs in Orders 890 and 1000, requiring regional transmission planning processes which are open, transparent, and coordinated, and which provide opportunities to review NTAs on a comparable basis to transmission infrastructure.

In this teleseminar, presenters introduced the topic of NTAs and discussed the existing modeling, planning, and implementation techniques that are already enabling NTAs in some jurisdictions. Mr. White presented on identifying, valuing, and deploying distributed energy resources and alternatives to centralized generation and transmission.

This was a privatepresentation, but Sahm White’s slidesare available publicly inPDFformat.