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Regenerative Future Summit

Natural Capitalism Solutions hosted this event, which took place on May 15-17, 2017 in Boulder, CO.

Natural Capitalism Solutions hosted the 1st Annual Regenerative Future Summit, which took place on May 15-17, 2017 in Boulder, CO.

Participants at the Regenerative Future Summit collaborated across sectors to develop action-oriented solutions that deliver results and build a movement. This was a conference like no other, a three-day gathering where the talent on both sides of the microphone rallied around a new economic narrative, a regenerative approach to capitalism that delivers personal wellbeing and shared prosperity on a healthy planet.

The Regenerative Future Summit was an engaging, strategy-setting event. Nearly 300 business executives, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and change agents reframed “the economy” and developed action plans to implement a regenerative future. These plans will engage leading companies and early adopting communities to chart a new course for capitalism.

Summit participants developed action-oriented solutions to catalyze the movements necessary to transform the economy on which all other human systems are created. A robust social media campaign and an interactive internet platform engaged thousands more during the summit and served as a hub for implementation in the years to come. Promotion for the event reached more than hundreds of thousands of people who care about more authentic ways of doing business. Plenary sessions were live-streamed. Small working groups set the strategy for realizing a new economic narrative. On-demand content was available before, during, and after the Summit. Bloggers were invited and encouraged to join in the conversation.