Policies that accelerate the transition to renewable energy and a modern grid

Our vision

From 2025 onward, at least 25% of all electricity generated from newly added generation capacity in the United States will be from local renewable energy sources.

Solar panels in the foreground overlooking a brightly illuminated cityscape during twilight.

FOM/WDG procurement

Unleashing California's front-of-meter (FOM), or wholesale distributed generation (WDG), market.

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Solar panels installed on a rooftop with a backdrop of skyscrapers in an urban setting.

FOM/WDG interconnection

Fixing the broken interconnection process for commercial-scale solar and storage in California.

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Front view of the california state capitol building, featuring its distinctive white facade and dome, flanked by trees, with people walking in front.

Optimizing policies and market mechanisms

Developing policies and market mechanisms that will optimize the benefits of Community Microgrids.

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Graphic overlay of mathematical and electrical engineering symbols on an image of utility poles and transformers.

Distribution Resources Planning

Establishing a comprehensive, transparent framework to improve distribution system planning.

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Industrial plant with tall steel towers emitting steam against a clear blue sky.

Alternatives to gas plants

Showing show that solar+storage can cost-effectively obviate the need for new gas peaker plants.

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Low angle view of a large electricity pylon with multiple cables against a clear sky.

Transmission Access Charges Campaign

Fixing the unfair way transmission charges are currently being assessed in most of California.

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Exterior view of the california state capitol building with a domed roof, surrounded by trees and people walking in the foreground.

Legislative action

Pursuing legislative channels to help bring more clean local energy to California and the rest of the U.S.

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Solar panels installed on the roofs of suburban homes with a mountainous background under a clear blue sky.

Advanced inverters

Showing that advanced inverters can cost-effectively optimize power quality, system reliability, and economics.

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Recent news

The latest in clean local energy

Learn about our innovative projects and initiatives on our blog, and see what others are reporting about our important work.

Middle-Class Californians Set To Pay Electricity Premium As State Makes Electric Car Push

The Washington Free Beacon reports on the Clean Coalition's analysis on California's fixed charge policy.

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AB 2083: Modernizing Industrial Manufacturing Act

Industrious Labs and EarthJustice reports on AB2083, a bill that the Clean Coalition endorsed.

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Exploring Clean Engineering: The Eco-Friendly Career of Chapmanā€™s Computer Science Club Vice President, Tyler Lewis

Chapman University reports on a student's efforts in expanding and delivering renewable energy solutions while involved with the Clean Coalition.

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