Programs that accelerate the transition to renewable energy and a modern grid

Our vision

From 2025 onward, at least 25% of all electricity generated from newly added generation capacity in the United States will be from local renewable energy sources.

Solar panels in the foreground overlooking a brightly illuminated cityscape at night.

Community Microgrid Initiative

Providing communities an unparalleled trifecta of economic, environmental, and resilience benefits.

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Railroad tracks running parallel to a coastline with a clear blue ocean under a sunny sky.

Goleta Load Pocket Community Microgrid

Bringing this highly transmission-vulnerable region the benefits of resilience provided by local renewables.

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Aerial view of a modern urban area with rows of buildings featuring solar panels on their roofs.

Valencia Gardens Energy Storage Project

Adding storage to one of San Francisco's largest solar systems, in the heart of the Mission District.

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Intense wildfire consuming hillside at night, with flames near power transmission towers.

Disaster resilience for communities

Showing that we can change how we power our nation with tools for a cost-effective, resilient system.

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Aerial map view of the san francisco bay area with various icons indicating different locations or points of interest.

Solar Siting Surveys

Helping communities assess the potential for local solar on rooftops, parking lots, and parking structures.

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Aerial view of a parking lot covered with solar panels, with cars parked underneath.

Innovative Feed-In Tariffs (FITs)

Designing market-based FITs with streamlined interconnection to unleash the WDG market.

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An isometric illustration of a cityscape at night featuring a fire department building with three fire trucks parked inside. nearby buildings have solar panels.

Peninsula Advanced Energy Community

Accelerating the planning, approval, and deployment of an Advanced Energy Community in Northern California.

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Sunset illuminates the skyline of san diego with its distinctive skyscrapers reflected in the waterfront.

San Diego SEIN Initiative

Helping San Diego achieve its goal of 100% renewables by 2035, with local renewables within the city.

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Recent news

The latest in clean local energy

Learn about our innovative projects and initiatives on our blog, and see what others are reporting about our important work.

Middle-Class Californians Set To Pay Electricity Premium As State Makes Electric Car Push

The Washington Free Beacon reports on the Clean Coalition's analysis on California's fixed charge policy.

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AB 2083: Modernizing Industrial Manufacturing Act

Industrious Labs and EarthJustice reports on AB2083, a bill that the Clean Coalition endorsed.

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Exploring Clean Engineering: The Eco-Friendly Career of Chapmanā€™s Computer Science Club Vice President, Tyler Lewis

Chapman University reports on a student's efforts in expanding and delivering renewable energy solutions while involved with the Clean Coalition.

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