How the Clean Coalition can help facilities and communities

Making clean local energy accessible now

Our services

The Clean Coalition is a nonprofit organization with the mission to accelerate the transition to renewable energy and a modern grid through technical, policy, and project development expertise.

We provide the following services to cities, counties, school districts, utilities, community choice aggregators, universities & colleges, corporate campuses, neighborhoods, apartments and other housing communities, and any type of individual facility

Three engineers in hard hats using a laptop and taking notes on clipboards at a large solar panel array on a sunny day.

Solar Microgrid and Community Microgrid analyses & planning

  • Feasibility studies: Our feasibility studies include detailed technical analyses, including solar and battery sizing, and comprehensive economic analyses.
  • Solar Siting Surveys: Our Solar Siting Surveys identify the technical solar siting potential on built environments like rooftops, parking lots and parking structures. Solar Siting Surveys can be conducted for individual sites, large grid areas, entire cities, counties, and other community designations.
Two people analyzing data charts and graphs on a paper alongside a laptop and notebooks on a cluttered desk.

RFPs & contracts

  • Requests for Proposals (RFPs): We design and administer innovative RFPs for Solar Microgrids.
  • Contracts: We design, facilitate, and negotiate state-of-the art contracts for Solar Microgrids that guarantee bill savings and ensure unparalleled resilience performance.
  • Evaluation support: We help review proposals for Solar Microgrids, solar, electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVCI), energy efficiency, and electrification — and comprehensive bundles thereof.
Aerial view of a parking lot covered with solar panels, with cars parked underneath.

Policy & program design, advocacy, and implementation

  • Feed-In Tariff (FIT) designs: Our FIT designs are state-of-the-art and can include market-responsive pricing mechanisms and dispatchability adders for attracting energy storage for securing dispatchable solar energy while delivering facility and/or community resilience.
  • Grid planning and locational benefits: Our policy designs and associated advocacy aim to compensate the full value that are provided by local renewables and other distributed energy resources (DER).
  • Resilience: Our market mechanism innovations around value-of-resilience (VOR) — like the VOR123 methodology, and the straightforward Resilient Energy Subscription (RES) market mechanism — can be implemented in any location and for any type of facility or grid area footprint.
Solar panels in the foreground with a city skyline under a clear blue sky and bright sun.

Let us help you

Looking to deploy a Solar Microgrid or Community Microgrid project? Need help with technical and economic analyses, RFPs, and/or contracts? Contact us to get started.