4th PV Power Plants Conference 2012 - Clean Coalition

4th PV Power Plants Conference 2012

Executive Director Craig Lewis spoke at this event, which took place on the November 28-29, 2012 in Phoenix, AZ.

Craig Lewis, Executive Director of the Clean Coalition, spoke at the 4th PV Power Plants Conference taking place on the 28th-29th of November in Phoenix, AZ. Specifically, he discussed high penetrations of solar energy. More generally, the conference encompassed a new element called “ZEROING IN ON TECHNOLOGY”. This element brought additional conference sessions providing in-depth technology driven topics, which had been initially introduced and well received at the recent Solarpraxis Inverter and PV System Technology conference hosted in San Francisco.

System costs and technology as well as the long term durability and quality of materials are pressing issues in a rapidly changing market. Developers who obtain and implement high quality and bankable products will continue to be at the forefront of the market. It is imperative to discuss these aspects as well as provide an overview – from a manufacturers and developers perspective – about the current status of system costs, quality, procurement, changing materials, financing and legal aspects.

The PV Power Plants conference provided substantial content for project developers, utility representatives, investment banks and investors, political representatives, attorneys involved in large-scale PV projects, planners and contractors. The conference was held in English.

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