California’s Net Energy Metering Program - Clean Coalition
Two technicians, one on a ladder, installing solar panels on a rooftop under a cloudy sky.

California’s Net Energy Metering Program

Executive Director Craig Lewis presented at this event, which took place on January 23, 2014 in San Francisco, CA.

Craig Lewis, Executive Director of the Clean Coalition, presented at AGRION’sCalifornia Net Energy Metering Programconference that took place on January 23 in San Francisco, CA. Mr. Lewis joined the “California Net Energy Metering Program: Challenges & Opportunities” panel at 1:00pm.

California is boldly moving forward with a progressive Net Energy Metering program. The new directive for the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), driven by AB 327, includes a controversial monthly fixed charge, which provides a new challenge to the economics of solar PV. The proposed monthly fixed charge could be up to $10 per month, assessed to all residential customers within the utility’s service territory, and decreasing upper tier rates while increasing the lower tier rates.

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