Marin CleanTech Summit - Clean Coalition

Marin CleanTech Summit

The Clean Coalition’s Greg Thomson presented at this event, which took place April 6, 2018 in San Rafael, CA.

The Clean Coalition’s Greg Thomson presented on the Clean Coalition’s North Bay Community Resilience Initiative at Marin County, California’s inaugural CleanTech Summit, which took place April 6, 2018 in San Rafael.

This half day gathering of leaders in business and agencies, cleantech executives, and new economy activists in Marin:

  • Gathered clean technology’s most influential leaders in the Bay Area — corporate executives, business and building. owners, start-up and growth company CEOs, investors, government agencies, and other players — from across all areas of resource innovation.
  • Identified and promoted top opportunities in renewable energy, electrified transportation, smart buildings, microgrids, and infrastructure for business to improve their competitive and market positions.
  • Showcased local and regional innovators who can have major impact.
  • Promoted, informed, inspired, and activated business and cleantech leaders to propel a clean economy in Marin County.
  • Got updates and aligned business activities and strategies with State, County, and City climate action plans, regulations, legislation, and incentives.

Slides are available in PDF or PPT format.