Microgrid Global Innovation Forum - North America – 6-7 December 2022 - Clean Coalition

Microgrid Global Innovation Forum – North America – 6-7 December 2022

The Clean Coalition was a partner organization for this forum, which took place from 6 - 7 December 2022.

The Clean Coalition was partner organization for the 2022 Microgrid Global Innovation Forum – North America, which was held in Oakland, CA from 6-7 December 2022. This Forum brought together thought leaders, utilities, energy providers, project managers and other stakeholders for focused networking and in-depth information sharing concerning the latest technological developments, design, implementation and operation of hybrid renewable energy microgrids. The emphasis was on maximizing the business case for microgrids, integration into the larger grid, and sharing real-world case studies of both grid-tied and off-grid/remote environments.

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Topics that were covered include:

  • Microgrid feasibility, design, and implementation
  • Ownership models and benefits for multiple stakeholders
  • Microgrids withing EV charging infrastructure
  • Leveraging microgrids to maximize the penetration of renewables
  • Off-grid, remote, and rural use cases and advances
  • Utilizing microgrids to cope with grid outages and crisis situations
  • Utility-driven microgrids and deployment partnerships
  • Public-purpose, city-community, and commercial microgrid deployments
  • Integration of microgrids into the larger grid
  • Determining the correct technology mix for hybrid energy systems
  • Advanced battery, fuel cell, and flow battery technologies
  • Microgrid power control and performance management
  • Virtual power plants vs. microgrids
  • Regulatory and public policy developments impacting microgrids
  • Standards and interoperability issues
  • Market drivers and opportunities worldwide