Webinar: Local renewables are being robbed - Clean Coalition

Webinar: Local renewables are being robbed

The Clean Coalition's Craig Lewis presented at this webinar, which took place on September 1, 2016.

TAC webinar Sep 2016 (02_jv, 26 Aug 2016)

Local renewables are being robbed: Simple fix to massive market distortion caused by erroneous treatment of Transmission Access Charges

This webinar exposed how Transmission Access Charges (TAC) in California are being misapplied to local renewable energy resources and illuminate how a simple fix will benefit local renewables, ratepayers, and the environment. The webinar featured the following speakers:

  • Craig Lewis, Founder & Executive Director, Clean Coalition
  • J.R. DeShazo, Professor & Director, Department of Public Policy, UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation
  • Damon Franz, Director, Policy & Electricity Markets, SolarCity
  • Jim Stewart, PhD, Co-chair, Sierra Club California Energy-Climate Committee

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TAC are designed to be per-kilowatt hour (kWh) fees for using California’s transmission system and add about 3 cents per kWh to the levelized cost of energy over a 20-year contract. 3 cents per kWh is roughly 30% of the wholesale value of energy in California, and a TAC fix represents the biggest opportunity for ensuring that fair and accurate value will be provided to local renewables and other distributed energy resources.

The speakers discussed the following aspects of the TAC market distortion and its simple fix:

  • Overview of the TAC distortion and its simple fix
  • Impacts on ratepayers
  • Impacts to renewable energy providers
  • Impacts on the environment
  • How to advocate for the simple TAC fix and ensure it happens quickly

More information on the TAC Campaign:

Watch the webinar here.

Slides are available in PDF and PPT format:

  • Craig Lewis, Clean Coalition: PDF | PPT
  • J.R. DeShazo, UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation: PDF | PPT
  • Damon Franz, SolarCity: PDF | PPT
  • Jim Stewart, Sierra Club California: PDF | PPT