Distribution Resources Planning news and events


The rise of Distribution Resources Planning (May 17, 2018)
Distribution Resources Planning: Laying the foundation for a modern grid (January 23, 2018)
Distribution Resources Planning (June 20, 2017)

Regulatory filings

California: May 7, 2018.  Comments to the CPUC protesting proposals to redact data that would support DER opportunities to provide cost effective grid services and the deferral of conventional grid investments.
California: March 14, 2018. Comments to the CPUC supporting California’s grid modernization efforts.
Colorado: February 21, 2018. Reply comments on Distribution Resources Planning in Colorado, with clarification on Hosting Capacity Analysis.
California: February 16, 2018. Comments supporting the extension of the Distribution Resources Planning proceeding.
Colorado: January 31, 2018. Opening comments to the Colorado PUC offering rules on Distribution Resources Planning.
California: January 16, 2018. Comments to the CPUC addressing Track 3 policy issues on forecasts and the Distribution Investment and Deferral Process.
Virginia: September 15, 2017. Comments to the Virginia State Corporation Commission recommending proven policies and procedures for distribution grid planning.
California: September 14, 2017. Supporting the Proposed Decision on Interconnection Capacity Analysis and locational net benefits.
California: August 7, 2017. Properly evaluating DER in Distribution Resources Planning.
California: July 10, 2017. DER growth forecast recommendations.
California: May 10, 2017. Scope and scheduling of ICA and LNBA – additional comments.
California: May 3, 2017. Scope and scheduling of ICA and LNBA.
California: July 29, 2016. Distribution Resources Plan demonstration projects.
California: May 13, 2016. Improving data access in Distribution Resources Plans.
California: December 12, 2014. Distribution Resources Plans comments on draft guidance.
California: October 6, 2014. Distribution Resources Plans reply comments.
California: September 5, 2014. Distribution Resources Plans – Responses to Order Instituting Rulemaking.

Media coverage

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